Everfocus инструкция eq 150

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Everfocus EQ Manuals

Insert the lens plug in the lens connector if the auto iris lens is used. Lens Connector 4 pin socket To connect to the lens plug of the auto iris lens. Полная инструкция обслуживания EverFocus, должна заключать несколько основных элементов. Control Switches There are 6 control switches located on the sideboard, which are for the setting of the special features. For the policy of continual product improvement, EverFocus reserves the right to make changes to the product specifications and documentation without notice.

Вступление и everfocus инструкции eq 150, как пользоваться инструкцией EverFocus EQ — В начале каждой everfocus инструкция eq 150, необходимо найти указания, как пользоваться данным пособием. All the components of the products, including accessories, components, and outlook, are based on the agreements of each deals to satisfy all kinds of users.

EverFocus EQ150

Rotate the ring clockwise for the CS-mount lens, rotate it counterclockwise for the C-mount lens. Meanwhile, please be advised that every step of operation must follow the instruction of this manual to keep EQ working under the best condition. Mounting Base and Fixing Screws To use when the mounting bracket is required while mounting the camera. Здесь должна находится информация, касающаяся местонахождения содержания EverFocus EQ, FAQ и самых распространенных проблем — то есть мест, которые чаще всего ищут пользователи в каждой инструкции обслуживания 2..

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